Webinar Recording: Clustering for the Small/Medium Enterprise & Branch Office

Windows Server Hyper-V introduced an affordable virtualization platform to the small/medium enterprise (SME) and branch office way back with Windows Server 2008. Unfortunately, there remained a division between the haves and have-nots; only those that could afford the expense of a SAN got the highly available services that Failover Clustering could offer. 

But things changed with Windows Server 2012/R2; a new class of hardware built on Microsoft’s storage innovations, making Hyper-V clusters more affordable and a realistic possibility. Not only that, but the performance is pretty fantastic too.

What that will be covered?

In this session we’re going to talk about Cluster-in-a-Box (CiB), focusing on the hardware offered to us by DataON Storage, which will give an SME an affordable SAN alternative, running the entire business in a 2U enclosure with the sort of performance that a large enterprise data center will be envious of.