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The fee for this 2 day workshop is €199.99


In this two-part workshop Simon Binder will share 20 essential features and solutions to improve the security posture of Microsoft 365 environments for both SMB and larger organizations. You will learn how all of these solutions have been essential in protection organizations from across the world, and what kind of attacks you would be vulnerable for if they aren’t implemented.

The workshop will be highly interactive and show you how to implement, configure and use the solutions. You will be able to follow along inside of your own test/lab environment if you’d like as well.


Day 1 will focus on the security features within Microsoft 365 Business Premium – but will also be the foundation for day 2. During day 1 you will learn how to:

  1. Implement and managed Multifactor authentication
  2. Securing external access to internal web applications
  3. Securing iOS and Android devices using Intune and MDM
  4. Securing data access using Application Protection policies on Windows, iOS and Android
  5. Working with Conditional Access to secure SaaS applications
  6. Enforcing strong passwords in your Hybrid Active Directory
  7. Discovering malicious or incompliant cloud applications
  8. Protecting users from phishing and spam
  9. Keeping your Windows devices up-to-date
  10. Working with Role based access control within Azure AD and Microsoft Intune


Day 2 will add on to day 1 by adding security features available within the Microsoft 365 E5 Security licensing add-on. It’s the prefect add-on for larger organizations and/or organizations with high requirements on security in general:

  1. Extending Conditional Access with session control to secure macOS and Linux
  2. Threat hunting and discovery advanced attacks using Microsoft Defender for Endpoints
  3. Extending your Role Based Access Control with Privileged Identity Management
  4. Finding malicious use of your credentials using Identity Protection
  5. Preventing advanced phishing attacks within Exchange and Microsoft Teams
  6. Implementing protection policies within Microsoft Cloud App Security
  7. Protection Active Directory and AD FS using Defender for Identity
  8. Cleaning up in Azure Active Directory using Access Reviews
  9. Securing Windows 10 and your credentials with tiering
  10. Simulating attacks and preparing for the worst


About the Presenter

As a Principal Solutions Architect, Simon inspires customers, partners & colleagues to create the best digital workplace. As an MVP & MCT he is passionate about sharing knowledge. He’s a frequent speaker, blogger & podcaster, as well as a penguin fanatic. #KneeDeepinTech


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This webinar is for MicroWarehouse trading CSP customers.