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The course, focused on Azure Resource Manager or Azure v2, will teach how to design and deploy virtual machine solutions in Microsoft Azure CSP subscriptions.
The course starts with concepts, builds the basic fundamentals of storage and networking, covers concepts like choosing and designing virtual machine series, sizes, and specs, and goes into security and management operations.

Attendee Requirements

  • Experience of networking concepts (subnets, routing, firewall rules) and Windows Server administration.
  • Each module builds on previous modules and it is not possible to “pop out” and keep up with the content.
  • This course is exclusive to MicroWarehouse partners trading in Microsoft CSP.

* Please note, this training is not open to Tier 1 CSP resellers. Cancellations made 7 working days or less prior to the event will not be refunded.


  • Understanding Azure IaaS
  • ARM / CSP concepts
  • Azure PowerShell with Resource Manager
  • The Azure Portal
  • Azure AD, users and groups, and resource groups
  • Virtual machines overview
  • Azure storage
  • Networking, including site-to-site connectivity
  • Deploying virtual machines
  • Network and application security groups
  • Load balancing and NAT rules
  • Backing up Azure VMs
  • Monitoring Azure VMs
  • Introducing JSON templates
  • Pricing VM solutions