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Please Note, the 3 dates are in-person training at MicroWarehouse.
This workshop is part of a series but each workshop can be attended as a standalone. However, attending the full series is recommended. Workshops are priced at €150 individually or register for the full series for €350 and receive a €100 discount.



Whether you are new to Microsoft Endpoint Manager / Intune, or have worked with it before, the aim of this course is to allow for you the attendee to have full interaction with the training in preparation for both Microsoft examination and real-world deployment scenarios. This course is in person at the MicroWarehouse Learnlab.


Day 1 – Intune for Partners: Introduction & Modern Management of Windows Devices

Date – 7th March 2023 | 10.00 – 17.00

Description: Management of Windows devices is something which has come to the forefront in these difficult times. Ensuring devices are patched, applications are available, the security threat surface of the device is managed, and the ability to provide an easy means of device provisioning are all high up on the list of wants from business.
In this, the first of two days looking at the management of Windows devices, we will start off with the fundamentals for Windows device management, including understanding the Endpoint Manager UI, the different types of policies available, how they are deployed to devices, and provisioning of devices through Window Autopilot.

Lab Work – Undertake end to end deployment of virtual Windows 10 & 11 devices through Autopilot. Understand how to obtain hardware hashes or work around this with JSON configuration files.


Day 2 – Intune for Partners: Windows Application Deployment, Analytics and more

Date – 14th March 2023 | 10.00 – 17.00

Description: In the second of the two days focused on Windows devices, we will look at how to package applications for deployment in Intune using the Win32 app model, along with deployment of applications using the Windows Package Manager (winget).
We will also cover how to automate processes with PowerShell scripts, discover what Endpoint Analytics and Group Analytics are, how to leverage Log Analytics for custom reporting, and run more practical demonstrations.

Lab Work – Troubleshooting Autopilot deployments. Application wrapping. PowerShell scripting.


Day 3 – Intune for Partners: Mobile Device Management

Date – 21st March 2023 | 10.00 – 17.00

Description: In this mobile focused session, the foundations of Intune will be covered with a focus on management of mobile devices, covering both Android and iOS. Learn from real world deployment experience, get recommended practises, target applications, and focus on how to do things in a secure manner without impacting on the end users experience. Whether you go down the mobile application management or device management path, you’ll learn how to secure company information, and know how to deal with lifecycle events to ensure corporate data is removed where needed.


About the Presenter

Maurice Daly is a Principal Cloud Architect at CloudWay. He is a Microsoft MVP in the area of Enterprise Mobility. He is an international speaker, speaking at numerous Microsoft focused user group events, and sessions at Microsoft Ignite.
He is also the author of the Driver Automation Tool, a PowerShell developed GUI for Configuration Manager with over 40k downloads, used in thousands of companies globally.
With a background of over 20 years in the IT industry in both in-house and consultancy roles, he prides himself on being able to analyse the entire solution from both sides of the fence.