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Alex Lustig- LiveTiles Solution Specialist
Ross Wherity- LiveTiles Partner Manager



MicroWarehouse are hosting a webinar from LiveTiles, the world’s leading Intranet in a box provider about ensuring that your users have a seamless experience as they connect with information and applications from across your entire digital workplace. LiveTiles have helped over 1200 organizations worldwide plan and deploy Intranet and communication portals. In this they will give you some practical suggestions for how you can respond to your users’ demands for powerful and integrated solutions that seamlessly support their needs across the digital workplace. A challenge for most partners is skilling up on SharePoint and the time involved however with LiveTiles this reduces time that brings a professional design. On the webinar we will also discuss the integration with Microsoft Teams. This will follow with a series of monthly webinars that will lead to Hands On training in our Learnlab. LiveTiles have a team based in Sligo that are happy to work with partners build out solutions to their customers.


Who would find this valuable?

If you are responsible for the Intranet portal of your team or broadly in your business, such as:
SharePoint Admin | Internal Communications | Web Developers and Designers | Department Manager responsible for team portal – Marketing, HR, Sales and Finance leads