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In this hands-on course you will learn how to migrate SQL Server 2008R2 databases to the cloud. We will cover what questions need to be asked, what prerequisites must be fulfilled, where the pitfalls lie and how to plan and execute the migration. We will cover how to choose between SQL Server on a VM, Azure SQL Managed Intance or Azure SQL Database.

During the hands-on labs you will get to migrate SQL Server 2008R2 databases and troubleshoot issues with migration. We will cover tools and procedures as well as some tips and tricks for a successful migration.


  • This course is designed for database administrators
  • Each module builds on previous modules
  • This course is exclusive to MicroWarehouse partners trading in Microsoft CSP


  • A technical overview of SQL Server on Azure VMs, Managed Instance and Azure SQL Server
  • Choosing the best service offering
  • Migration strategies from on-prem to the cloud
  • Planning and executing database migrations
  • Tools and techniques for database migrations