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For years, we have sold our clients Office365 tools that can help drive their productivity and find innovative ways of changing how they work. Often, clients ask for our help in understanding how to get the most from these tools, and often. we as partners struggle to understand their needs and highlight the relevant tools. After all, we aren’t teachers.

However, there is a way we can help our clients deliver more value from their Office365 seats, while also laying a path for us as partners to upsell higher value SKU’s, helping us become more sticky to our clients. Helping your clients with the adoption of new technologies by highlighting the possibilities helps them see the positive use case scenarios. In turn, this empowers your end customers to do more and learn for themselves.

Nulia is a platform that our partners can use to drive that learning and enable their clients to get more from the Office365 suite. Join us on the 9th December at 11 am to learn about driving adoption within your clients, how the Nulia platform can be used to amplify this process, and encourage your clients to re-invent their world of work.

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