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Course run in conjunction with New Horizons. Trading MicroWarehouse CSP partners enjoy further discounts on selected New Horizon courses and benefits including a FREE exam voucher. 

This is an intensive 5-day online course running from Monday June 24th – 28th inclusive.  MicroWarehouse trading partners can avail of our heavily discounted rate of €500 per candidate.  Please ensure you have cleared your calendar before registering as no refunds will be offered for cancellations made within 7 days of course commencement and places are limited.



Candidates for this course/exam are Microsoft 365 administrators who deploy and manage Microsoft 365. They perform Microsoft 365 tenant-level implementation and administration of cloud and hybrid environments.

Microsoft 365 administrators function as the integrating hub for all Microsoft 365 workloads. They coordinate across multiple Microsoft 365 workloads. They work with architects and other administrators responsible for workloads, infrastructure, identity, security, compliance, endpoints, and applications.

Candidates for this course/exam have functional experience with all Microsoft 365 workloads and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), part of Microsoft Entra, and have administered at least one of these. New Horizons also recommends that they have a working knowledge of networking, server administration, DNS, and PowerShell.



Deploy and manage a Microsoft 365 tenant

Implement and manage a Microsoft 365 tenant

·        Create a tenant

·        Implement and manage domains

·        Configure organizational settings, including security, privacy, and profile

·        Identify and respond to service health issues

·        Configure notifications in service health

·        Monitor adoption and usage

Manage users and groups

·        Create and manage users

·        Create and manage guest users

·        Create and manage contacts

·        Create and manage groups, including Microsoft 365 groups

·        Manage and monitor Microsoft 365 license allocations

·        Perform bulk user management, including PowerShell

Manage roles in Microsoft 365

·        Manage roles in Microsoft 365 and Azure AD

·        Manage role groups for Microsoft Defender, Microsoft Purview, and Microsoft 365 workloads

·        Manage delegation by using administrative units

·        Implement privileged identity management for Azure AD roles

Implement and manage identity and access in Azure AD

Implement and manage identity synchronization with Azure AD

·        Prepare for identity synchronization by using IdFix

·        Implement and manage directory synchronization by using Azure AD Connect cloud sync

·        Implement and manage directory synchronization by using Azure AD Connect

·        Monitor synchronization by using Azure AD Connect Health

·        Troubleshoot synchronization, including Azure AD Connect and Azure AD Connect cloud sync

Implement and manage authentication

·        Implement and manage authentication methods, including Windows Hello for Business, passwordless, tokens, and the Microsoft Authenticator app

·        Implement and manage self-service password reset (SSPR)

·        Implement and manage Azure AD Password Protection

·        Implement and manage multi-factor authentication (MFA)

·        Investigate and resolve authentication issues

Implement and manage secure access

·        Plan for identity protection

·        Implement and manage Azure AD Identity Protection

·        Plan Conditional Access policies

·        Implement and manage Conditional Access policies

Manage security and threats by using Microsoft 365 Defender

Manage security reports and alerts by using the Microsoft 365 Defender portal

·        Review and take actions to improve the Microsoft Secure Score in the Microsoft 365 Defender portal

·        Review and respond to security incidents and alerts in Microsoft 365 Defender

·        Review and respond to issues identified in security and compliance reports in Microsoft 365 Defender

·        Review and respond to threats identified in threat analytics

Implement and manage email and collaboration protection by using Microsoft Defender for Office 365

·        Implement policies and rules in Defender for Office 365

·        Review and respond to threats identified in Defender for Office 365, including threats and investigations

·        Create and run campaigns, such as attack simulation

·        Unblock users

Implement and manage endpoint protection by using Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

·        Onboard devices to Defender for Endpoint

·        Configure Defender for Endpoint settings

·        Review and respond to endpoint vulnerabilities

·        Review and respond to risks identified in the Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management dashboard

Manage compliance by using Microsoft Purview

Implement Microsoft Purview information protection and data lifecycle management

·        Implement and manage sensitive info types by using keywords, keyword lists, or regular expressions

·        Implement retention labels, retention label policies, and retention policies

·        Implement sensitivity labels and sensitivity label policies

Implement Microsoft Purview data loss prevention (DLP)

·        Implement DLP for workloads

·        Implement Endpoint DLP

·        Review and respond to DLP alerts, events, and reports