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Join MicroWarehouse for this 3 day course on SharePoint Online presented by D’arce Hess.

D’arce (MVP) is a Senior Cloud Architect at CloudWay with more than eight years hands on experience working small and larger customers.

This course is targeted at technical staff and ideally they will have a basic knowledge on the subject matter and D’arce will go through migration best practices and also when to migrate to SharePoint Online or is Teams a better option.


Topics covered over the two day:

  1. Modern vs. Classic SharePoint
    • What approach should you choose?
  2. Creation of Modern SharePoint Architectures
    • Moving from nested file structure to flat architectures
    • Types of sites – Communication Sites, Modern Team Sites – when to use one over the other
    • Content Types and Meta Data associations
    • Subsites
      1. Where can they be created
      2. Should you use them
    • Self-Service Site Provisioning
  3. Managing SharePoint Data
    • Labels
    • Permissions
      1. Levels of Permissions
      2. SharePoint Permission Groups
      3. Sharing
      4. Guests access
      5. Breaking inheritance – When, Why and How
    • Site Lifecycle Management
      1. Policies
  4. Office365 Groups
    • Where are they created
    • What content lives here
    • Functionality
  5. Customization and Automation
    • Basic Branding and Corporate Identity
    • Site Design and Site Scripts
    • SharePoint Framework
    • App Catalogue
  6. OneDrive
    • When users should place files here and when should they get moved to SharePoint
    • Files on Demand
    • Sharing
  7. Microsoft Teams
    • Where does data live?
    • Provisioning and templates
    • Best practices on Architectures:
      1. Team vs Channel,
      2. Public vs Private
    • Permissions
    • Notifications


About D’arce Hess

D’arce Hess is a Senior Cloud Architect at CloudWay. For more than eight years, she has specialized in the creation of custom portals and experiences in SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and Office365. As a UI/UX Designer and Developer, D’arce uses industry and Microsoft best practices as a base for creating solutions that simplify processes, drive user adoption, and governance from the start.

As a recognized Microsoft MVP, she has had the opportunity to work with Fortune 500 companies and has become a trusted partner to her clients in the industries of healthcare, pharmaceuticals, legal, travel & tourism and entertainment. She loves to volunteer in the community and is the leader of the Rhode Island SharePoint User Group.


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This 3 day workshop is free for MicroWarehouse trading CSP customers.