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Join us for this 4 part series exploring the Microsoft Security options in the Microsoft Defender family. Microsoft have an Admin centre (Microsoft 365 Defender) dedicated for Security and during the series we will go through the following Microsoft key areas:

  • Defender for Office 365
  • Defender for Endpoints
  • Defender for Cloud Apps
  • Defender for Cloud and Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management


This series is suitable for MicroWarehouse transacting CSP Partners and Cloud Sales and Technical personal within the partners.


Microsoft Defender for Office 365 – Tuesday 26th March – 10.00 – 10.45

Microsoft Defender for Office provides protection against threats that arrive in email, links (URLS), attachments, or collaboration tools like SharePoint, Teams, and Outlook. During this webinar we will go through why Exchange Online Protection is not enough and compare Microsoft Defender for office with popular third party solutions in the market. We will go through Safe Links and Safe attachments plus the added features in Plan 2 such as Threat Explorer, Compromised User Detection, Attack Simulator and some licensing. Plenty to cover in just 45 minutes.


Microsoft Defender for Endpoint – Tuesday 16th April – 10.00 – 10.45

Microsoft Defender for Endpoints (MDE) is an endpoint security platform designed to help enterprise networks prevent, detect, investigate, and respond to advanced threats. We will look at how you deploy, monitor and maintain MDE and keep your endpoints secure. We will look at how this is done within a live environment and what signals are important. Key also is The Microsoft Defender Admin portal as an IT Admin needs to know they way around the portal especially in managing Microsoft Defender for Endpoints. We will explain the difference in the licensing options and why M365 Business Premium is always a good starting point.


Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps – Tuesday  30th April – 10.00 – 10.45

Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps is a cross-SaaS solution bringing deep visibility, strong data controls, and enhanced threat protection to your cloud apps. Office 365 Cloud App Security still exists in certain plans however in this webinar we will go through why management of Apps is important. With a catalog of more than 31,000 Apps, Defender for Cloud Apps lets you know how risky an app is. Scoring is based on over 90 risk factors that might affect your environment. Why denying Apps may not be good practice however restricting or controlling  may be a better solution.


Defender for Cloud and Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management – Tuesday  14th May – 10.00 – 10.45 

In our last webinar in this series we will discuss Defender for Cloud and Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management. In this webinar we will go into some of the more advanced features and we will look at Servers and Microsoft Sentinel. Knowing what to protect, with real time inventory of endpoints and having this in a single place is key for any Manged Service Provider (MSP) to help protect their clients. Exposure Score and Secure Score with Security Baseline Assessment help measure risk against Microsoft and Industry leading benchmarks like CIS (Centre for Internet Security) and STIG ( Security Technical Implementation Guide). Finally we will demo some key features in the Microsoft 365 Defender Portal also.