Selling cloud solutions is easy,

when all the groundwork
is done for you.


At MicroWarehouse, we actively help our partners
to take advantage of everything the cloud has to offer.

We support you so that you can offer the full suite of Microsoft Cloud, from individual seats of Office 365 to enterprise roll-out Azure solutions – while continuing to own the relationship with your customers, end to end.

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Here’s how we help

Design the perfect cloud or hybrid solutions for your customers. Start selling integrated packages, not just products, and ensure a sustainable business model. Our technical, sales and licensing experts are at your disposal to help you plan and migrate your customers' infrastructure.

Identify customer segments where you can have the greatest success with the help of our tools. And when implementing, our marketing team is here to support you with message design, email templates, promo offers and co-partnered events.

Provide, deploy and manage
Our CSP platform enables you to provision, monitor and manage your cloud customers from a single portal. Detailed usage analytics helps partners ensure customers can maximise their cloud entitlements, whilst also helping build and grow your services model.

Our flexible billing platform gives you the tools to structure billing to meet your requirements and integrate into your systems. Choose from a wide range of customisable billing options: monthly or annual and consumption or seat-based, all delivered through email, FTP or XML.

Offer your customers the support they need, whether it is pre-sales licensing support or technical solution planning, through to business hours or 24/7 technical support, we will provide you the resources you need to shape a truly managed service, in your way.

Renew, maintain and grow
Ensure recurring revenue by automatically rolling over licenses and services from one period to the next. The visual dashboards in our Cloud Solutions Platform give a clear overview of how your business is running and visualising where there is room for improvement and growth.

The CSP product suite

CSP Portal

It is our mission to simplify the complexity and costs of the cloud for you and your customers. That is why our CSP portal provides you with the perfect starting point: a white-labeled end-customer portal that has been designed to fit your business. Use the CSP platform to easily, and with no upfront investment, manage the lifecycle of your Microsoft Cloud Customer: from flexible deployment to billing and renewals. This will free up time for you to invest in growing your revenue and realising your ambitions.


Set pricing, issue quotes and close deals; or let customers order directly from your own Microsoft Cloud Store.


Quickly and easily provide temporary extra licenses or reduce services that are no longer needed.


Easily provide and assign licenses to individual users, multi-seat teams or the entire enterprise.


Grow your revenue by providing your customers with assistance and offering a truly managed service.


Invoice your customers quickly and accurately with the help of a dashboard that reports on all license sales.


Ensure repeating revenue by automatically rolling over licenses and services from one period to the next.

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