Collaboration is
anything but hard work

when technology
works together.

& Collaboration

Empower your clients’ employees to become more productive and work better together with a modern workplace that is centered around Microsoft 365. Provide employees with a foundation of tools that enables them to safely and efficiently work together, wherever they are and from whatever device they are working on.

Increase efficiency

Enable customers to become more productive by using the latest business software. Creating, collaborating and sharing is now easier than before, thanks to an integrated approach between apps and devices.

Tailor your clients workspace

Create a workspace for your customers' employees that has everything they need. With intelligent applications and great collaboration tools, you will empower employees to make the most out of 
their jobs.

Work from anywhere

Provide the flexibility to let employees work from any location and any device. Applications, tools and files are easily available in a virtualised, safe environment, allowing employees to work from anywhere.

Productivity and collaboration solutions, tailored to your customers’ needs.

Create a sustainable business model by reselling our complete solutions,
built on cutting-edge cloud technology.



Office 365






+ Your unique managed services

"We are a distribution and cloud aggregator expert, helping our resellers to transform and create sustainable business models in the ever faster moving cloud era."

- Rory Wilson, CEO of MicroWarehouse

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Cloud solutions made easy

It is our mission to simplify the complexity and costs of the cloud for you and your customers. Therefore, we actively help you to take advantage of everything the cloud has to offer with our Cloud Solutions Program.

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Ensure recurring business by selling complete cloud solutions, designed with the help of our experts.


Bring your solutions to market successfully and let our marketing department assist you where needed.

Provide, deploy and manage

Supply, monitor and manage your cloud customers from a white-labeled end-customer portal, ready to use.


Acquire the billing solution that fits your needs and let us help you structure billing to your requirements.


Offer your customers full support for their solutions. And whenever it gets complicated, we have your back.

Renew, maintain and grow

Easily ensure recurring revenue by automatically rolling over licenses and support in our CSP Platform.

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